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£500m sound about right?

£500m sound about right?

Huge privilege for the London At Large team to attend recording by of interview with George Spencer, the man behind Rentify are the way that you’re gonna find a new flat to rent in the years to come. Forget wandering down to an estate agents – you can do the whole lot on line – direct with the landlord. And if you think it’ll never catch on, I think I’ll bet against you, thanks very much. These guys already have more than 100,000 Landlords renting out property through them and rentify’s funders are the sort that only get involved with companies that will rack up least £500 million on exit.

So George is a very eligible young man – not to forget, debonair, sophisticated and – as he told the Today Programme – very good looking!

And keep an eye on if you like the real – no holds barred – stories behind the hottest start-ups. We’re certainly fans.


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