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7th Heaven Halloween Special

7th Heaven Halloween Special

No Kang and Kodos here folks, this isn’t the Simpsons. The night was, however, filled with vampires, cobwebs and facemasks, obviously.  7th Heaven’s parties are becoming quite a big deal in London and we were honoured to be on last week’s guest-list. Russell Kane (comedian), Lauryn Goodman (blogger), and various Goggle Box icons walked among the many spooky semi-lebrities in attendance.

There were tarot readers, creepy cocktails, ghastly canapés and massage coffins a plenty – pix here. But more about the products! Did you know: 7th Heaven’s Charcoal masks won the Pure Beauty gold award this year? Well you do now. And we can all breathe a big sigh of relief; we no longer need to worry about the mid-mask hunger – the majority of 7th Heaven’s products are vegan (and smell delicious)!

The ‘make your own potions’ were massively popular. And we’re excited to try the nail wraps after we’ve washed off this custom made facemask. At this rate I should be on time for dinner this evening (said no girl ever!)

7th Heaven - What's going on?

7th Heaven – What’s going on?



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