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A 5 Year Engagement – How Long?

A 5 Year Engagement – How Long?

So we rushed, all hot and sweaty on a hot afternoon (remember those?) down to the West End for a sneak peek of this latest Apatow flick. The door maidens thrust a drink into our hands and we took our seats.

OK, first off, I’m a man. This type of film ain’t my cup of tea. Not even Bridesmaids – which I loved.

So what of this. Well, the lady enjoyed it. She likes this sort of thing. Like Bridesmaids.

Its a simple story of a couple (Jason Segal and Emily Blunt) who meet at a fancy dress party – she’s Lady Di, he’s not – and hit it off. Lots of smaltz but tho’ they’re destined to be together – otherwise it would be part of the Shakespeare season – they decide not to get married until their careers are sorted.

Cue the delay – of five years. Which is kinda weird cos they’re living together happily enough. But, surprise surprise, the pressure’s too much (she’s a psychology post grad at university – he’s a house parent with no kids cos he can’t find a restaurant for his cheffing skills in the frozen north) and they split up.

But, hey, they realise they should be one – and cross oceans (well, a bit of the USA) to be together (even tho she’s ‘been’ with Rhys Ifans for a bit).

And it all ends happily ever after. And there’s some funny bits.

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