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Terms & Conditions



The general terms on which we provide our services are as follows:



So that it is easier to understand what follows, we have used the following terms and have given them the meanings set beside them below.

“we”, “our” and “us”         means London At Large Limited

“you” and “your”        means the person subscribing to our services

“services”    means any information or data published or supplied by us to you as a named product or otherwise with such content, layout and format that we may use from time to time.

“service fee”    means the price that we charge for the service overleaf


As the UK’s leading advance celebrity arts and entertainment information provider we would be grateful if you would note that all copyright in the services that we provide remains at all times with London At Large Limited and consequently, in receiving any service from us, you do not receive any licence or other authority to copy, reproduce, disseminate, or otherwise employ the information or any of it provided to you in any way whatsoever. We would, however, be delighted to discuss with you alternative licensing arrangements for the information provided although we cannot guarantee that we will be willing to licence the activity that you may have in mind! Our information is provided to you on a nonexclusive and non-transferable licence. Please note that we reserve the right, without notice and without refund, to terminate the supply of our services immediately if we believe that you are using our services in breach of these terms.

  1. contract

Whilst our services are provided to you on the terms we have set out here, we would be delighted to consider any amendments you may wish to propose. However, only those amendments agreed by our Managing Director in writing will be effective and thus your own terms and conditions will not govern our relationship.

We will assume that whoever agrees to pay the subscription fee on your behalf is in fact duly authorised to do so.

Payment of the service fee in full is payable prior to delivery of any service by us. You should feel free to make payments by BACS to the account for which details can be supplied on request, or by cheque sent to our address. As we are not able to provide any credit and consequently, if the service fee remains unpaid for any reason, we reserve the right at our discretion to terminate the supply of any of our services to you.

  1. duration

Please feel free to terminate your contract for the supply of our services to you at any time. However, where you have made a pre-payment in respect of a future period, no refund can be given.  Similarly, where you have agreed to take our services but, for whatever reason, do not pay for them when we reminded you to do so, we reserve the right to stop supplying our services to you and you agree that you will pay £50 for every printed edition of the service you have received up until the service is stopped.  

  1. delivery to you

Please let us know if you have not received any of our services on the date on which you would normally expect to receive that service and we will do our best to ensure that a replacement, or alternatively, supply is made to you. If, however, the reason for non-delivery is because of a change in your address which you have not let us know of, we may be less sympathetic!

  1. limit of our liability

While we are happy to confirm that we exercise all reasonable care and skill in collating the information contained in our services we give absolutely no warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided, nor that our information does not infringe any intellectual property or other rights of any other person. Similarly, whilst we will endeavour to supply our services on the due, or expected, dates, no warranty is given that any such supply will be made due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control or otherwise. We do not warrant or imply an uninterrupted or error free online or other service.

Whilst we do not exclude any liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence we are unable to accept any liability for any cost, claims, loss, damages or expenses, including any loss of profit or consequential loss, loss of business, contact, reputation, goodwill, you may experience as a result of using our services, nor do we accept any liability for any other liability to you. In the event of any liability that we may otherwise have and then only to the extent that liability is proven such liability is limited to the service fee to the extent that that fee has been paid at the date the liability arises.

Any obligations we may have to you are personal to you and nothing in our relationship is intended or will create any right to or benefit for any third party.

7.    Internet Protocol (IP) Address Logging and password use.

    We are asked by some corporate subscribers to monitor their employee use of our services. We do this by logging username and password details each time they are used and, by associating them with relevant IP addresses, we are able to supply information relating to where and when logon took place. This also helps us monitor abuse of usernames and passwords. Your username and password is confidential and personal to you and it is a condition of any subscription that you treat all information provided to you as confidential and solely for your use. We monitor all on-line use accordingly and reserve the right to terminate any subscription breaching this understanding, without compensation.