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All that Glitters is Handmade in Britain

All that Glitters is Handmade in Britain

If you’ve spent too much time keeping up with the Kardashians and not enough time keeping up with the news, allow us to fill you in on a couple of recent shocks to the system.

  1. Britain is leaving Europe (controversial)
  2. Trump is the next President (more controversial)
  3. You missed the most creative exhibition in London (even more controversial, how is that possible?)

Surprises 1 and 2 we can’t do much about, sorry! But let us do our best to soften the blow, by comforting you with coverage of Chelsea’s Handmade in Britain exhibition. You know, the one thing you meant to do with your friend from out of town, but didn’t get around to… Kind of like voting right? (We hope not!)

There was handmade jewellery, handmade miniature ceramics, handmade wooden carvings, handmade glass sculptures and handmade clothing. You guessed it: handmade items a-plenty. Handmade in Britain, the clue is in the name. It all seems so obvious now.

Our favourite show stoppers included works from the very talented Esther Eyre, who revitalises old jewellery (by hand), transforming it into something more a la mode; the delightful Laura Smith/Elizabeth’s stunning (hand-blown) frosted glass pieces; and Chito Kuroda’s beautiful (handmade) ceramics, especially her dreamy melty-sky-blue glazed mugs. Heaven forbid we should forget to mention our favourite emerging jeweller: Samuel Waterhouse who was so popular with the guests that we hardly got to chat with him. At least he’s based in London, so hopefully we’ll manage to nab an interview at some point!

Samuel Waterhouse jewellery

Samuel Waterhouse jewellery

We also had a jolly old time talking to the delightful Morrison W Thomas about Quality Touches – his embellished hardwood bowls are sustainably sourced (and hand decorated).

Yes, it looks like Britain may be leaving the EU, but at least we’ve got all these wonderful folk making marvellous art to distract us from the painful realities of living in a first world country. And fortunately they’re all based in Britain.

Come at me glass-blowing lessons, I’m ready to channel the world’s angst into something beautiful.


Sophie Parkinson: twitter @sophie_t_p


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