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OK. An object lesson in how to do things properly.

Tonight you could go to the RIM party and witter away on your sad blackberry mesenger as it dies a slow death consumed by the android quicksands,  lion os or whatever.

Or you could go to a proper event, numbers limited, prestige guests excellent food and wine – and us!

Frankly, BA are to be congratulated for putting on an excellent bash. Now – I’m not a great fan of the corporate giant as it plods scarily and ineptly across the tundra of social media – most of them haven’t got a clue! – but BA seem to be doing something right.

We loved the film ‘Boy’, the first time we saw it – and we saw it again. It’s still great. Surprising. Non corporate.

See it.

The food would make me want to commit a crime to be upgraded to first class – probably the best pea soup I’ve ever eaten – and we’ve done the Fat Duck thing. Whatever.

But perhaps the most facinating thing was a throw away remark by that Croydon lass, Tracey Emin – that the last people she thought she would have been happy working with was a monolith like BA – and she said she was wrong; the whole experience of helping design the look of the plane was enjoyable.

Funnily enough, the grey haired, charismatic little man who introduced Richard E, Heston (Wendy) B and Tracey E didn’t introduce himself. We had to search him out and demand to know who he was.

He was the CEO of BA.

Now, I remember the old days: Okenden House, Lord King at the party with Carol Thatcher. You knew who the boss was in those days. Yep – I’m that old – I was there too. (I’m only 27, honest).

So this new chap, softer edges and great service – and I mean great, even exemplary, service on the ground can only hint at what’s to come in the air.

Well done guys – and if you weren’t there – get an upgrade next time!

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