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Eat your heart out Regus!

Eat your heart out Regus!

We’ve seen the future – and its not Peter Kay’s garlic bread after all!

We swang by the new Google campus, Bonhill Street, Shoreditch, this morning and met with Head of Campus, the charming Eze Vidra. This place is evidence of the mantra ‘If you say it enough, it will come true’. We’ve been hearing about the Silicon Roundabout for seemingly ever – now its an unquestionable reality!

Seven floors of cracking new office space have re-invigorated one of those tired, frankly depressing buildings off City Road into a hub of ‘new generation’ activity. A cafe runs across the basement, light flooding in from full hight windows, challenging the glow of half eaten apples peeping out of their aluminium homes.

Under a collaboration with Central Working, overseen by visionary – and former Virgin worker, Steve Pette, visitors to the cafe enjoy not only wifi, networking and tweeting plants, but also local artisan food and coffee. And here’s a plug for the coffee. Mozzo. Excellent!

So Regus – offering what start-ups and new business want isn’t simply a case of partitioning off a goldfish bowl lounge and putting a blue corporate sofa in it – its about giving new businesses what they really want. Give ’em somewhere that’s better than working from home and brings opportunities beyond sitting in Costa Coffee, wondering if you’re going to loose your laptop or your plug socket if you go for a pee.

Or better yet – pop over to Google Campus and ask for Eze or Steve. They’ll show you access to seed capital, mentors, colleagues to bounce ideas off, second round funding, advisers – you get the idea.

Impressed? If you’re an internet start-up, there is nowhere better. Simple.

image courtesy of Google

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