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Updated: Gotta Love a Lake Bell Smile!

Updated: Gotta Love a Lake Bell Smile!

Here’s Lake Bell from the upcoming movie, Man Up, also starring Simon Pegg, Rory Kinnear, Harriet Walter, Ken Stott (where have you been Ken – haven’t seen you in the flesh since Eyre Brothers!) and the wonderful Olivia Williams.

And if you read our piece on The Gunman, this is a romcom. Lots of confused, ‘he thought, she thought’ misunderstanding sort of stuff, but with a cast like that, we’re looking forward to our sneaky peak tomorrow evening.

Here’s the PR blurb:

Meet Jessica/Nancy (Lake Bell): 34, single (still), hung-over (again), and exhausted by the endless futile set ups foisted upon her by well-meaning but clueless friends. As she travels across London to toast another 10 years of her parent’s blissfully happy marriage, 40 year old, freshly-hatched divorcee Jack (Simon Pegg) mistakes her for his 24 year old blind date. In a moment of uncharacteristic optimism (or insanity?), Nancy decides to just go with it… What follows is a chaotic, unconventional, hilarious night neither of them will ever forget. There will be drinking, there will be home truths; there will be an old classmate with a long-standing crush and stalker tendencies. There will be lost divorce papers, lost hopes, competitive indoor sports and an epic venue-to-venue urban triathlon. Oh, and the small matter of Jack finding out that Nancy isn’t actually his real blind date. MAN UP is a romantic comedy about being yourself… or perhaps not being yourself. It’s about taking chances, making decisions and rolling with the consequences.

We’ll let you know what it’s like. You can see it from 10 April 2015.

Ok – we’ve seen it. It’s the only time we’ve ever had a film introduced by its director (Ben Palmer) with a romcom genre health warning! Bloody ‘Health & Safety’ – but worth taking all appropriate precautions as it is of course Ben’s obligation to provide a safe place of entertainment! There’s bound to have been somebody otherwise complain they weren’t warned of the romcom nature and content of the film.

This is a film packed with closeups – we’re talking nose-hair closeup – and that includes the blokes. Ha! Talking of blokes, ‘Man Up’ is in fact a romcom that blokes can watch and secretly enjoy. Not overtly, obvs. Ken Stott is not on screen long enough for my money (not that I paid but you get the idea) and yes (spoiler alert), Simon Pegg does get the girl in the end. Oops – that sounds ruder than it should. (Oh – it’s a romcom. No spoiler alert. When did the boy not get the girl?).

Will Pegg fans enjoy it? Well, he’s being a bit grown up in this one – ‘naturalistic’ I think the acting profession call it – but it’s none the worse for that. Lake Bell reverses the rash of English actors pretending to be American and taking over US films. She plays a Brit, unlucky in love, recklessly gatecrashing Simon Pegg’s blind date. I guess she gets her British accent from her Rose Bruford years?

Man Up does demonstrate one thing clearly. Don’t cast Rory Kinnear if you don’t want to be upstaged! Kinnear plays Sean, a bowling alley attendant and Jessica/Nancy’s creepy stalker ‘friend’. And when he’s on screen, he grabs it, steals it from everyone else and doesn’t give it back until he’s left the frame. Very, very funny. Just watch him in the background in the party scene.

Tonight we’re off to The Hampstead Theatre for another romcom – Hello/Goodbye. Surprise, surprise – another nice girl meets boy, boy looses girl, girl gets boy. Ah!

That’s spring for you.

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