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‘It’s F***ing Lovely’!

‘It’s F***ing Lovely’!

Take an Oscar nominated DoP – Danny Cohen, our top character actor – Timothy Spall – boundless additional talent, Richard E Grant keeping a weather eye on the writing talent, the money of British Airways and what do you get?

John Carter!


No – you get a fantastic British short film written by emerging new writer, Prasanna Puwanarajah, and probably the best ‘non corporate’ corporate celebration of the upcoming Olympics we’re likely to see. Bit of a surprise coming from BA but there it is. Follow that you dull banks and other sponsors you. Are you gonna let BA be the only one to shine?

And if you’re going to be travelling BA – and 6 million or so of you will be – you’ll get the chance to see this charming film. It starts a bit maudlin – rather like a worthy but dull Channel Four film (death, dull English weather, trees) – and blossoms into a masterclass of acting by Mr Spall. And Alex Gilbreath who plays his wife in this touching and affecting story was a revelation.

Oh – and the whole things silent – apart from the music of course. There’s no dogs but who needs The Artist anyway.

As Tim said into his mobile outside the Soho Hotel after seeing the film for the first time – ‘It’s f***ing lovely’.

We almost cried. Some did.

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