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Julius Dein – Viral Vid God ‘n Guru

Julius Dein – Viral Vid God ‘n Guru

One to watch out for in 2017, Julius Dein is headed for Forbes’ list of The World’s Most Powerful People – so long as he stays away from hookers and drugs. Yes, he was in Amsterdam recently, but it was for business not leisure. He’s such a good boy he even invited his wonderful mother to Snaphappen – seems like a good time to place office bets on which year he’ll be featured!

We managed to grab self-proclaimed PR-E-DI-tor (producer, editor and director) Julius, for an exclusive interview on how to grow an online presence. As a man who has reached 400,000 Snapchat followers (one of the largest presences in Europe) and has a Facebook page with more than 5 million followers – some of his vids have over 12 million views – he clearly knows how to make a video go viral.

And probably rather better than all those dreadful social media consultant types wandering the globe peddling their inadequacies to unsuspecting corporates. Or ask us – we’re just as bad – but a lot more fun, and frankly more deserving.

Anyway, back to Julius.

Question: How does he do it?

Answer: “Good content, good strategy”

– Step 1: Use the most obvious route (Julius’ team took the most direct route down a main road on Gold Duke of Edinburgh and arrived at the destination 5 hours before the rest of the group) – USE STRATEGY TO GO VIRAL. It is not luck, it’s strategy. Play it like chess, not draughts.

– Step 2: Relevant content – what is going on in the world around you? Use this to produce RELEVANT content

– Step 3: Clickbait thumbnails/titles – use attractive pictures to entice the viewer to have a look. Hence the lovely picture of Julius at the top of this article. Go on, click, you know you want to!

– Step 4: Share for shares – collaborate with other creators/brands with similar following sizes or trade videos for sharing

– Step 5: be charming, entertaining and original at all times. Easy-peasy.

With the highest Snapchat following in the UK and the third highest following on Facebook, Julius has got the brand in the bag (literally, he carries that thing everywhere). As the most viewed internet magician and prankster in the world, he is definitely a video guru – check out the techniques he is using in his recent videos.


Rhodes411 – a very different approach, a very different experience:

Unlike Julius, Rhodes411 is mainly based on snapchat. He likes to live in the moment and brings his followers along for the ride.  A man after our own heart (he is from Canada after all, and they’ve got a London), he never disseminates content at the expense of other humans. Unlike us, however, Rhodes411 functions on 4-5 hours of sleep a night, never drinks coffee, and finds the time to play hockey weekly. (We’ll make do with hookey!) If that wasn’t impressive enough, he also watches all of the snaps us regular folk send him, and tries to upload his behind the scenes content every day.

Now – that’s another nice guy – proof that snapchatting can make you nicer.


Bonus add-ons and gizmos:

We also met Nathan Ridgard, prime vendor of the UK’s Popsockets. Although Popsockets have many functions, they sure will come in handy for that all- elusive perfect selfie – natural light, move over!

Extra bonus tip:

The back of your phone gets seen on average 60,000 times a year, so where better a place to advertise your brand?


Sophie Parkinson: twitter @sophie_t_p

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