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Lets Get Rattled!

Lets Get Rattled!

Hey – On Sunday 10 June, the 90-piece Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment perform music from Debussy with world-famous conductor Sir Simon Rattle at The Royal Festival Hall. And we’re going – cos we like this sort of thing!

Ok – deluge or no deluge, this was a wonderful event. Debussy is frankly about as exciting a French export as Plastic Bertrand (who was Belgian anyway, but you get the idea) until you hear La Mer played on ancient instruments by people who know what they’re doing, under the baton of someone who clearly loves what he’s up to. So many different flavours unnoticed before!

This was one of ‘The Night Shift’ – wander in and out, grab a drink, relax – presentations from The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, with a bit of talking about the piece, some snippets given context and then the whole piece played. Nice easy culture from Sir Simon Rattle – tasty and good for you.

Marvelous stuff!

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