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Lindsay Lohan gets the Richard Phillips treatment.

Lindsay Lohan gets the Richard Phillips treatment.

‘First Point–Phillips’ third film–is a collaboration between the artist, Lindsay Lohan, and the legendary surf filmmaker Taylor Steele. The film visits two locations: a private beach surf compound and Malibu’s iconic Surfrider Beach, accessible to the public, which boasts some of California’s most perfect waves. First Point presents a postmodern take on the surf film genre through an abstract framework of imagery in which the actress engages in cinema performance tropes inspired by contemporary film noir. Eerie nocturnal imagery is juxtaposed with surf sequences performed by female pro-surfer Kassia Meador (who is featured as Lohan’s acknowledged stunt double) and by Lohan herself.’

This can only be wisdom ‘cos its from the Gagosian Gallery. If you wrote it, it’d be crap and we wouldn’t slavishly copy it, pathetically hopeful that a grain of wealth and success would somehow get caught in our naughty bits.

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