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Paper Aeroplanes – Tonight!

Paper Aeroplanes – Tonight!

OK – we get asked which are the bands to look out for, all the time. So here’s one of our bands to watch. We’ll be adding more shortly.

Paper Aeroplanes is Sarah Howells and Richard Llewellyn, from Wales – so not all good then. Jokes! (I’ve gotta go to Wales next week for a wedding so I’m saying no more). They’ve supported acts as varied as Ron Sexsmith, Ed Sheeran, Marina and the Diamonds and Chris Wood, as well as securing a live session with the legendary Bob Harris.

Its always funny when the PR’s churn out legions of guff about their band’s influences, favorite grape colour, ideal yogurt etc and then you listen to the track – and its as nice as a visit to the dentist.

Luckily, not much guff on these guys web site – just some nice tunes. Not even any pictures worth nicking from their gallery – there’s only one! The price of getting in early I guess – so we’ve nicked the main one. Hope thats OK!

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