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Richard Et Timothy go BA

Richard Et Timothy go BA

Just love Timothy Spall, don’t you?

So I’m getting up at the crack of sparrow’s next Thursday for a screening of short film ‘Boy’ written and directed by Prasanna Puwanarajah (a name invented for cut and paste) as mentored by Richard E Grant. Looking forward to a chat with Richard and a glass of bubbly – at 10.00 in the morning!  Champagne breakfast you know.  Yes, ok I’m drinking later than usual, but its for the cause.

I’ll let you know what its like next week. Its apparently 2012 Games inspired so should be timeless.  Jokes!  BA are involved to but I haven’t got my head around that bit yet.

If you can make a short film, why not make a long one! I guess that’s next.

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