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Tamer Hassan – and most of Essex!

Tamer Hassan – and most of Essex!

Tamer Hassan and most of the good county of Essex made it to the premier of Danny Dyer’s latest flic at The Odeon, Covent Garden. Danny made a touching, erudite speech and we all had lots of fun.

No – its not a comedy, and probably not Danny’s best work BUT it does show what can be done on a modest budget even if it also poses a more difficult question – why?

Danny is clearly one of our most prolific and obliging actors and – perhaps an unfashionable view – possibly one of our more talented. We’re lucky he hasn’t legged it to LA.

Amber (Anna Walton) walks straight into trouble at the beginning – and straight out of it at the end. She looks suitably terrified throughout. The lady next to me wondered, perhaps a bit too loudly, why Amber Hadn’t escaped early on by removing the seat headrest to which she was soon afixed. Hey – suspend your disbelief, baby!

The after party was at 55 Club just around the corner. Convenient eh? Love to know what do you think of the place?

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