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Funny how fake news seems to dictate the agenda. We don’t care if what we read is true. All we want is to be entertained and engaged sympathetically to our prejudices and proclivities. If what you tell us is true – fine. If it’s not, who cares.

‘Child slaves forced to make cheap clothes on Mars’. Yeah – I read that too. Must be true.

‘All TV presenters over 57 years old are paedophiles’. Sure. Makes sense. Aren’t they all in prison?

No smoke without fire, eh? Am I right or am I right?

And so a long suffering teacher (Alec Newman) has to endure the collapse of his career – a job he loved. Allegations snap around him fuelled by the possible memories of a once drunken schoolgirl, memories of something he might have done at some time in the past. Or not. Or she did to him. Or whatever. Hey – they’re just allegations.

Who cares?

He’s fair game. Let’s destroy him. He won’t be remembered in a few days time.

Unless we remind them – if there’s nothing better to tell them.

Oh, he’s got children! Ha! Pervert – get the social workers.

And a wife (outstanding Susan Stanley) who loves him. Or rather, did. She’s not so sure now. Not after what she’s read about him. I mean, no smoke without fire, am I right?

Don’t get me wrong – we’ve got to protect the children at all costs. ‘Cos there’s a bloody good chance the teacher’s a perv, isn’t there. I mean – why would they teach if they’re not pervs? Ha! Am I right or am I right?

So Andrew Keatley’s ‘Alligators‘ is a play for all the independent thinking Daily Mail readers who take regular excursions into the real world. Which might explain why there were a few empty seats. There shouldn’t be. ‘Alligators’ could just as easily happen to you. It might be worth knowing what to expect. Even though there’s absolutely nothing you can do when the alligators have their teeth in to you. 

Am I right or am I right?

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