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Amused Moose?

Amused Moose?

This Bec Hill must be on the way up. We’ve had two press releases for two different comedy venues within minutes banging on about how they’ve got this turn on the bill. And you know, things gather their own momentum. Hell – we’ve just added to it.

But check out the pedigree. Those chaps at Amused Moose know a good bit about the funny business and wanted us to know about their ‘new material night’ at “Above The Arts” featuring award winners and television faces amongst a bunch of  comedians, hosted by Mark Dolan (Balls of Steel; Sky Movies) and including Alex Zane, this Bec Hill character, Andy Storey (who’s worth the ticket price on his own) and various others.

And as we like those Moose chaps we almost wrote something. But we’re lazy.

And then along came another release for Bec Hill, along with Katie Pritchard, Stu Richards, John Meagher and Matthew McAloone at The Queen of Hoxton on 6 May 2015.

So we wrote something.

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