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Been Groped on a Train?

Been Groped on a Train?

“I don’t know a girl who hasn’t been groped on a train. There’s always someone trying to cop a feel. Might as well get paid for it.”

The always exciting Finborough Theatre  presents another world premiere. And you know what – they’re usually worth the candle!

Jude Christian – 2013 winner of the National Theatre Studio Bursary for Emerging Directors – directs this provocative new play by award-winning playwright Francis Turnly which journeys deep into the neon-lit streets and forbidden passageways of Tokyo.

On Jingu Bridge in Tokyo, teenage girls dress in cosplay outfits for fun, fashion, and the fantasy of being someone else, but for Mari, Keiko and Yumi, their schooldays are over…

In a race to escape from overbearing parents, stifling dead-end jobs and economic deprivation, they find their way to Kabukicho, a district of panty shops, love hotels and image clubs, where every aspect of the body and soul can be bought and sold. Only they can decide how far they’re willing to go.

As the three young women grow up and apart, they tread a dangerously fine line between empowerment and victimhood as they struggle to pursue their dreams, despite the obstacles that society and tradition put in their way.

The show runs from 24 February – 21 March. We’ll report back after the press night – but you should book your tickets now!

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