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Bleecker Burger

Bleecker Burger

Bleecker St. is the beautiful brainchild of founder Zan Kaufman, a New Yorker who’s brought her passion for great burgers across the pond to bless the taste buds of all Londoners alike.

As someone who’s a massive foodie and in particular a burger fanatic, Bleecker has been on my list of must visit restaurants for months. However, it took the opening of their new branch on 205 Victoria St and the enticement of a free burger to all customers for me to finally try it out.

Visiting America a lot as a kid shaped me into the burger snob I am today and having read the reviews and backstory of this place on the tube I was salivating in anticipation of a burger I’ve waited so long to try. Seeing the queue of ~100 wrapped around the block only further excited me, heck I’ve waited longer in line for a pair of shoes; though today was bitterly cold. (Ed – typical London At Large dedication!)

Bleeker Burger

Bleecker Burger

The door opened and it was my time to enter, the waft of fresh burgers cooking on the grill consumed me and I knew in that moment nothing was the same. I was about to enjoy the best burger I’ve ever eaten. I was impressed by the offer of Root beer on the menu, though I gracefully declined, as I knew to fully appreciate the flavours of the burger I needed to cleanse my palate with water.

I sat on the stall for a few moments becoming one with the cheeseburger before I devoured it. I’ve had many burgers in my time but this was the juiciest, most flavoursome beef I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating (Ed- until the next review eh, Charlotte?). The sauce, the cheese and the garnishing served well to enhance the flavour of the beef allowing it to shine in all its glory. Upon finishing I thanked Zan for sharing her blessings and vowed to come back often, being the terrible pescatarian that I am.

You can enjoy the best burger in town in Victoria or at their Old Spitalfield’s Market branch 7 days a week.


Charlotte Pollins | Instagram @amindtowander

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