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Blobby Bobby Bully Boys

As seen on the 183 bus.

Typical over the top raid in search of miscreant school children travelling home from a days fine education – perhaps including a presentation from the community police.

‘Show me your oyster cards’, shout plod.

All the nice good children oblige. They’re all completely kosher – not a dodgy traveller in sight. But ah ha – there’s a young lad with a slightly scratched oyster card. OMG – its slightly scratched! No, really!

‘Why is this card scratched’, demands plod.

‘Er, I don’t know’, says the boy.

‘That card belongs to London Transport’, says plod.

‘Oh’, says the boy.

‘So why is it scratched’, demands plod again.

‘Er’, says the boy. Someone suggests it could be because it’s kept in the same pocket as his keys.

‘You’re coming with me’, says the porker.

The boy is pulled off the upper deck of the bus and thrown to the hungry drove below. Like something from Hannibal, the kid is grabbed, pulled, attacked, humiliated.

He’s done nothing wrong.

The bus pulls off before we see the denoument.

But that’s a bus full of kids who don’t understand why the police acted as they did, and a bus full of kids whose respect for our representatives of law and order is irrevocably undermined.

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