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BoJo and the Tiers of Learned Helplessness

They say history is written by the winners. Rubbish. History is written by whoever gets in first. An American president can paint a simple history of his choosing in a series of 140 occasionally coherent characters, and those characters are truth, are history, to an attention span unbefogged by the ensuing noise. Come election time, […]

Talent: Just Say ‘No’!

Had a bit of a turn the other day. A bright-eyed, budding young thespian showed me the contract an agent had asked them to sign. Bloody outrageous.  Really pissed me off. (No – not asking me to read the thing, you prune – the terms cunningly concealed in it!) The contract wanted a sole and […]

One Boot in the Grave.

What is the point of the high street? Wet, cold, packed with, happily, shrinking numbers of multiple stores all selling the same tat you can buy on the internet for less and without the hassle. Take Boots. Customer service based on  the ‘ you’re lucky we can be bothered to take your money – school […]

Olympic Graffiti Sanitisation

Olympic Graffiti Sanitisation

  Hey – here’s a plan. You know those graffiti types that scribble on walls and make things look a bit messy. Lets lock ’em up so they can’t do it during the Games. Hell, better yet, lets lock em up if they’ve ever scribbled on a wall. Even if it was years ago. Or […]

Olympic Swedish Staff Mafia!

Lets hope its not a taste of Olympic things to come. Yesterday, a load of young people met at the Hammersmith Apollo early morning to be bused out to Milton Keynes to work bars at the last Swedish House Mafia gig. On arrival, they were obliged to sign something they had no time to read […]

Blobby Bobby Bully Boys

As seen on the 183 bus. Typical over the top raid in search of miscreant school children travelling home from a days fine education – perhaps including a presentation from the community police. ‘Show me your oyster cards’, shout plod. All the nice good children oblige. They’re all completely kosher – not a dodgy traveller […]

Tappin the Last Nail into the Coffin of Fairplay

What’s with our politician’s perception of fair play? Why is it easier for America to grab one of our citizens, than it is for us to grab one of theirs? Why is one big society more equal than anothers? Get a grip guys! It’s just not British. You ain’t looking after us. Goodness knows the […]