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Breathe Better Together: Hold Your Breath!

Breathe Better Together: Hold Your Breath!

Shoulders back, deep breath in, hold – and release.

Our man Boris has today launched a delightful new initiative to encourage us to seek out the few remaining untainted oxygen particles by taking less polluted routes to school. Ah – there’s a wise idea. There’ll even be a map of the safe bits.

Don’t know about you but now I’m gonna start worrying about air quality when I didn’t before.

So what better day to hear of Vicky Featherstone’s upcoming production of ‘How to Hold Your Breath‘ by Zinnie Harris at The Royal Court. It’s even got Maxine Peake in the cast. Yep – everybody is so excited about Maxine’s involvement, they listed her at least twice in the cast list. But hey – so they should, cos she’s brill. The other guys include ‘Christine Bottomley, Neil D’Souza, Peter Forbes, Maxine Peake, Siobhán McSweeney, Maxine Peake, Danusia Samal and Michael Shaeffer’. And Maxine Peake.

Another bit worth copying from the press release are the details for Featherstone. Since she started at the Royal Court, her credits have included Dennis Kelly’s The Ritual Slaughter of George Mastromas, Abi Morgan’s The Mistress Contract and Molly Davies’s God Bless the Child. She opened her first season at the Royal Court with Open Court – a festival of plays, ideas and events, chosen by over 140 writers. At National Theatre of Scotland, her credits included Enquirer (co-directed with John Tiffany), Appointment With The Wicker Man and 27. Prior to Scotland, Vicky was Artistic Director of Paines Plough. Good eh? (Well, we’re all allowed an occasional Mastromas!)

‘How to hold your Breath’ is part of ‘The Big Idea’ at the Royal Court, a strand of work launched during last year’s Open Court festival, offering audiences radical thinking and provocative discussion inspired by the work on stage. It runs from 4 Feb – 21 March 2015.

Now Boris – that’s what I call a breathe of fresh air!

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