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CDW 2015

CDW 2015

At last – the world’s first shiny red car powered entirely by positive thoughts of the French.

And Renault are also sponsoring the Apple Fest that is Clerkenwell Design Week.

I remember thinking one year I was wandering around there in the sunshine that I had never seen so may broken mac screens. Don’t know why – there just seemed to be quite a few around at the time. Put me off getting one to be frank.

But these days I haven’t a clue what’s going on with Windows – it seem’s each time you come back from the little boys room and there’s three new variants of a new version coming out, or some half baked version stuck on a tablet that you can’t use – and the laptops are frankly ugly or are some sort of ‘clip it together, fall to bits’ kind of arrangement about as attractive and workable on your lap as Marie Le Pen – so I’m gonna get one of those mac pro jobbies and have done with it.

Come on design girls and boys – surely someone with talent is willing to slip a bit of design magic windows way?

But I digress. 19-21 May 2015 sees open house around Clerkenwell for all things design. It’s a great place to go to marvel at (a) all the extraordinary and beautiful things, (amongst the best fruit of man’s creative abilities), and (b) the people, (amongst the most extraordinary and beautiful of God’s).


Ang Le Poise



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