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Christians make better lovers –

Christians make better lovers –

– than what? It’s not clear.

But what is clear is that there is money in dating! We will of course shortly be offering dating services across London for Londoners at large with London centric passion needs and we’ll be voted the best niche site in future Idate Awards. (Hell – lets do some awards too while we’re at it!)

But in the meantime thank God (you see what I did there?) that the site voted best niche dating site at the last awards – Christian Connection – is about to promote its site across London underground to the 1.4 million single Christians trying to find true love (you know – including the physical bits that are a bit hard to achieve on your own – oowh – see what I did there too! – rather than relying on  the ‘I love Jesus but not in that way sort of way’ love.)

So that kinda explains the teachers at my old school …


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