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Cirque Berserk – Standing Ovation!

Cirque Berserk – Standing Ovation!

By Chris Parkinson

Fancy something to make you gorp? Try and guess how many years of practice go into making a circus performer. It must be a lifetime! No wonder Cirque Berserk got a standing ovation on the opening night at the Peacock Theatre.

Here’s a few ‘how do they do that’ pics to whet your whistle.

Yep - that's a person in a bottle!

Yep – that’s a person in a bottle!

Cirque Berserk

Cirque Berserk

Cirque Berserk - how low can you go?

Cirque Berserk – how low can you go?

The kids’ll love it – just don’t try anything you see at home!

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