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Freya Woodsmoke

Freya Woodsmoke

What better way to launch Freya Woodsmoke than a snug magical night – safe from the cold, behind old wooden doors – of spoken word, throws, fairy lights and unique cocktails in the aptly named Folklore bar in Hackney.

Named after the Norse Goddess of love, fertility, beauty and fine possessions, this birch sap spirit is uniquely sumptuous. Mixed into long apricot and rosemary drinks, or toyed delicately with stout and beetroot, Freya Woodsmoke is definitely our new winter flavour to be celebrated  throughout winter – not just in spring when birch sap is rising and tapped for production – contrary to Norse tradition!

Freya Woodsmoke combines the smooth birch-sap spirit of Freya with smoke from birch, apple and chestnut trees, the subtle bonfire hues adding another flavour dimension to an already smooth drink.

Freya is sustainably sourced and at 40% what’s to stop this becoming the new winter spirit of choice? We’re certainly looking forward to trying our hand at Freya Woodsmoked marshmallow martinis this fireworks night! And we’re also excited to embellish a Christmas classic: Freya Woodsmoked-mince-pies anyone!

– Office high-fives all round. Great work from Team Freya!

Stocked in over 60 bars in the UK and a few dozen in London, find out how  Freya Woodsmoke will embellish the classics.

(Ed: Now that’s what I call pure PR, Sophie!)

Sophie Parkinson: twitter @sophie_t_p

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