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Gigs, Cigs and Dating Pigs

Gigs, Cigs and Dating Pigs

It’s that time of year again. The evenings are getting darker and the only time you see daylight is during lunch-break. Or those one too many cigarette/Tinder breaks you keep promising yourself you’ll cut back on. Austerity, sanity and all that. Roof terraces are no longer a viable date option and boozy picnics are definitely off the cards.  But FEAR NOT! We’ve got you covered…

Head over to Camden’s Roundhouse for some toasty evening entertainment. Last week we got jiggy with Pixx and Glass Animals. Of course Gooey was a hit, but we also enjoyed learning How to be a Human Being from their newest songs.  Spoiler alert: it involved neither cigarettes nor Tinder! (ed: insert shocked face emoji:)

Added benefits of attending a gig on the first date:

  1. The gigs start after 7pm so there’s plenty of time for a drink/chat beforehand.

2a. Less listening to them yabba on about anything and everything. From ducks’ sweetmeats, to best friends from nursery, we’ve overheard it all. Handy tip: If s/he hasn’t said anything for over 5 minutes you’re doing it wrong mate.

2b. The loud music should help drown them out if Yabba The Hut is their social-spiration (see 2a)

3a. If you do like their company, you could use the closeness in the crowd to help you secure date #2 (in a non-Trumpy way)

3b.  If you don’t like their company, you could get “lost” in the masses of the crowd on the way back from the loo (warning: this move scores you multiple dooshbag points)

  1. Hearty Autumn fun and an entertaining night out (probably the most fundamental reason of all)

(ed: OK – you try getting wordpress to sort this numbering out! I need a break.)

Upcoming gigs to keep an eye on:

  • Bon Iver
  • Kate Tempest
  • The Chainsmokers (Feb), for those of you who have already failed your New Year’s resolution, and any smug sadistic sickos who have kept up the cigarette free promise)


Glass Animals at The RoundhouseGlass Animals at The Roundhouse

Glass Animals at The Roundhouse


Sophie Parkinson: twitter @sophie_t_p

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