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Go Rosie!

Go Rosie!

Got an hour to fill before 7 November 2014?

Pop over to Soho Theatre and experience an angry, political, foul mouthed wonder of a piece written by Clara Brennan and starring Rosie Wyatt – who’s surely destined for extraordinary things.

Rosie plays both an angry young thing from the worst side of the tracks, carrying all the wrongs of the world on her shoulders, who chances upon Glenda (who Rosie also plays), an old lady with a penchant for stolen books and community politics. The two form an unlikely alliance and all comes good in the end.

And you know what – even though the characters are written a bit on the standard issue ‘pikey meets old bird with Alzheimer’s’ side of stereotype, it jolly works! Well’ not jolly – but you know what I mean. Rosie Wyatt is so good that the ending had physically moved members of the audience.

But if you can’t go, keep your eyes out for Rosie – definitely one to watch.

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