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Hannah Murray Magic

Hannah Murray Magic

OK – I’m fed up with going to all manner of shows in this town and being greeted with yet another reminder of how talented so many of our younger artists are. Why can’t they be rubbish. Bloody annoying!

Take Hannah Murray for example. There she is on Skins and then Game of Thrones, but hell, that’s just tv – just a bit of digital point and shoot – any fool can do that, eh? What about in ‘Martine’  – a sort of Chekhov for beginners in which a chap (Barnaby Sax) comes back from the war, flirts with a country girl (our Hannah) who thinks he may be serious.  He’s not (surprise!). He’s the rich kid from the village, he marries someone he was always gonna marry and Hannah gets to peel spuds and wrangle kids and cattle for the rest of her life, punctuated by a promised annual reminder of what might have been.

Well –  last night this Hannah girl goes and proves she’s pretty talented at the old fashioned analogue stuff too. And not just talented. Frankly she romped it. Vulnerable, passionate, naive, abused, discarded.  Yeh – the other cast members did their stuff (pretty well actually!) but you’d go and see Hannah Murray even if no-one else was on stage. Somehow, even a Bristolian accent addressing her peers as ‘monsieur’ didn’t sound as strange as it reads.

Yep – another young artist showing that the future of analogue is very safe indeed. If you can get still get a ticket to this master-class in youthful talent, you should. Simple as that.

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