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The Homecoming

The Homecoming

Ok – three reasons to see The Homecoming: Ron Cook, John Simm and Keith Allen – oh and Ron Cook.

When Teddy (Gary Kemp) returns from America to introduce his wife Ruth (Gemma Chan) to his family in London, they discover a claustrophobic and brutal household where his father Max (Ron Cook), brothers Lenny (John Simm) and Joey (John Macmillan) and uncle Sam (Keith Allen)  live in a state of mutual loathing and festering resentment.  Theirs is a motherless, compassionless and lawless home where Ruth immediately becomes the centre of attention, perhaps to expunge Max’s late ‘slutbitch’/’backbone of the family’ wife with the largess of sexual and domestic favour.

Anyway you can read the skinny here if it isn’t already part of your culture bubble. Jamie Lloyd’s production surgically separates each character one from the other giving each a robust and individual personality. John Simm does occasionally channel Eric Idle after the interval – but that’s never a bad thing! – and it’s impossible not to see Kenneth Connor reincarnated in the person of Ron Cook (again – rather marvelous for someone like me in their ‘early twenties’ nourished on Carry On) but don’t let this distract you from a powerful, amusing evening.

They’re just all a bit screwed up – that’s all.

Or perhaps not.

With perhaps a little too much feeling, the lady in front of us said – ‘It’s just like being at home’.


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