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Made Up!

Made Up!

Made in Dagenham. Made in Britain. Made up!

Go and see this joyous piece of good old fashioned entertainment. Don’t worry, it’s no boring history lesson – even Harold Wilson is fun and you’d never have said that if you lived through him! Hell, he’s one of the best bits – along with Barbara Castle! Funny how some critics have complained that the show isn’t terribly true to history. Apparently it’s not reflective of the suffering, the work conditions, blah, blah blah, and we’ve still not got equality for women. So what – there’s lots of bad language!

Bah humbug – if I want a documentary I’ll look at BBC4. When I want to enjoy myself, I’ll watch this again!

Gemma Arterton continues the modern tradition of unnecessarily talented people thrusting their unrestrained skills at an enthusiastic and delighted audience. Damn it – is there anything she can’t do? Blindfold on a high wire? Gemma spends most of the show on stage holding it all together, well supported by a good old fun cast. The set design is breathtaking – worth the entry fee on its own, and the whole show romps along to a full blown singalong, climaxing with the whole audience on their feet.

And you can’t say fairer than that!

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