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Memories! Vote!

Memories! Vote!

Let this wonderful visage be a prompt to you to get out and vote on the 7th May!

Elect Nigel Farage and Spitting Image will have to come back! Oh the joy of wonderful proper TV! Before the days of endless reruns of ‘The Bourne Whatever’ and safe, dull shows, funny to no-one but the commissioning editor (who keeps his overpaid ‘job’) and the ‘talent’ who get to show their mums what they can do. Bless.

Bring back Spitting Image!

Oh fuck – I’m getting old.

And they want me to get up at the crack of dawn and go to a breakfast to look at some pictures of these puppets! ME – the force behind such classics as:


Numbers aren’t even limited – anyone can go to the launch breakfast! Anyone.

I feel special.

But hey – did they say breakfast?

‘Spitting: Photographs by Andrew Bruce and Anna Fox’, runs from Wednesday 22 April until Friday 8 May at the James Hyman Gallery, located at 16 Savile Row, London W1S 3PL


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