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‘Mythic’ Charing Cross Theatre – Review

By Chris Parkinson

If you’re one of those people for whom the Charing Cross Theatre had lost it’s allure over recent times, rejoice! With ‘Mythic’, it’s gone and got it’s mojo back – simply lit and set, with tight direction and the least lazy or pretentious choreography you’ll see anywhere in the West End.

Go see a bunch of uber talented singers somehow manage to cover every inch of the stage in almost constant motion without losing a breath. It’s a show for older people too, even the raunchometer has been scaled down to almost zero. You will leave the theatre feeling younger – guaranteed! – having absorbed the waves of vitality the cast so generously and unremittingly exude. The show isn’t very long and there’s no break, so rejuvenation actually takes less time than you loose watching it! OMG, it’s also a time travel experience!

Which, talking of older folk, all makes sense, as the story is set at the time of Zeus (Tim Oxbrow – cocky top god) and he lived for efin ever, so they say. There’s a party at the Parthenon and Persephone (Georgie Westall – total bravura performance – watch out for this smiley energy ball), daughter of earth mother Demeter (Daniella Bowen – such warmth – more please – just more!), sneaks in to join the fun, much against her mum’s wishes. Long story short – ignore your mum’s words, kids, and you’re doomed.

Or are you? When Persephone meets with Hades (Michael Mather – why turn his volume down? There’s magic in that voice), Aphrodite (Genevieve McCarthy – What trickery is this? So much joy from so little a thing?) sprinkles the magic Midsummers Night Dream wuffle dust, and the two fall in love down in the nether world.

Ah, lovely!

But it’s only rufi love.

The magic will wear off!

Then what?

Hey, this is a musical of the actual, true story – more a life giving, musical documentary really – and we all know that in fact Persephone and Hades are destined to spend half a year keeping their nether worlds together, while Persephone is free to Air BnB it, sunny side up, with her mum for the other six months.

Welcome, then, to the ancient tale of winter and summer’s creation.

OK,  so the story’s an old one. And I can’t remember a single song from the show. (Ed – probably an age thing!). And the chorus had way, way, way more talent than they were able to flash (Jade Marvin – I’m looking at you). But I am going to see it again.

Quite a few times, actually.

And then I too can fairly identify as twenty years younger.

Or a teapot.

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