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Nether goin’ there

Nether goin’ there

Don’t see The Nether if you don’t like being unsettled. Luckily, ‘The Nether’ doesn’t overstep the mark unnecessarily for shock value. But if you like cracking visuals (better than Curious Incident?) and perhaps a glimpse of a possible future virtual holding pen for the Glittery Saviles of the world, then this could well be for you.

It felt a bit strange,¬†particularly given the themes of the piece, ringing The Royal Court for the identity of the extraordinary actress in the performance we saw who played the young girl (and repeated ax victim), but it’s even more extraordinary to realise that the young lass who completely held the stage, Isabella Pappas, was only 12!

I had just about managed to ride a bike by then.

The premiss of the piece is that an aged boffin, with, shall we say ‘issues’, has created a virtual world – The Hideaway – where visitors (again with ‘issues’) can go anonymously avatared to relieve their illicit fantasies. The transitions between action taking place on stage in the ‘real’ world and in the ‘virtual’ world are outstanding – worth the price of admission alone!

The whole thing certainly got the audience talking afterwards.

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