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Olympic Graffiti Sanitisation

Olympic Graffiti Sanitisation


Hey – here’s a plan.

You know those graffiti types that scribble on walls and make things look a bit messy. Lets lock ’em up so they can’t do it during the Games. Hell, better yet, lets lock em up if they’ve ever scribbled on a wall. Even if it was years ago. Or even thought about it, or were capable of thinking about it, even if they didn’t. Lets lock em up just in case.

Well, you’d be shocked if this happened – protective measures on a  ‘just in case basis’. A breech of natural justice you’d say. Bloody liberals. But you’d be right.

So the police have done something far more reasonable. They’ve cautioned everybody who ever though about scribbling on a wall and put them on bail until after the Games.

Now, that’s much better.

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