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Olympic Swedish Staff Mafia!

Lets hope its not a taste of Olympic things to come.

Yesterday, a load of young people met at the Hammersmith Apollo early morning to be bused out to Milton Keynes to work bars at the last Swedish House Mafia gig. On arrival, they were obliged to sign something they had no time to read – waiving the statutory limit on hours to be worked – then worked late into the night, to be bused back to London for 2.00 am, and expected to struggle home on night buses or whatever.

They will apparently be paid the minimum wage –  tips were allegedly snaffled by their organisers – and some of them left with hands blistered from the industry of the night.

Now, none of these guys are afraid of hard work or anti-social hours. But, when combined with the hassle of getting there, being treated with indifference and having tips snaffled,  they may  think that next time they get a text asking them to work, they’ll stay at home and watch on the telly instead.


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