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Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt

Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt


OK, an admission – we all really love Peppa Pig.

But we weren’t all quite sure whether it would work on stage.  (Well, the adults in the party, anyway).

But we needn’t have worried.  A cast of actors, visibly operating puppets of Peppa and her friends, Avenue Q-style, pulled off that slightly madcap Peppa Pig feel brilliantly.  A simple plot line held it all together in a way which was very easy to follow for little people, and more importantly allowed Miss Rabbit to show off all her various vehicles, from a train to a hot air balloon.

Songs-wise it was all very accessible – a pleasing mixture of adapted well-known songs, a couple of new ones, plus Peppa Pig favourites such as the Bing Bong song.

The logistics of the theatre worked fantastically well, with extremely helpful theatre staff on hand to help organise buggies and get us all in and out, plus a well-timed intermission kept everyone happy to the end.

The staging was low-tech but effective, with a couple of really delightful touches – I’ll not ruin the surprise by telling you what they were, but our two-year-old and four-year-old were in hysterics.  A beautifully executed and enchantingly lit rockpool scene in particular gripped even the smaller children.

Mummy and Daddy Pig only made cameo appearances, but this was all to the good, making the adventure feel much more child-led, with Peppa and her friends calling the shots, and driving the action. 

Perfectly pitched theatre for pre-schoolers at The Criterion Theatre! And see 39 Steps later in the evening – or grab a drink at the Criterion restaurant next door.

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