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Rio in Dalston

Rio in Dalston

In the 1960 Rome Olympics, the world was introduced to one Cassius Clay: an 18 year old fighter with the charisma to win over the crowds, and the talent take home a Gold medal in the men’s light heavyweight boxing.

Few could have imagined what lay ahead for the man who would rename Muhammad Ali and earn his self-proclaimed title of The Greatest. Ali entertained and inspired generations, and his class, confidence and courage shone through as he fought for his people and beliefs both inside and outside the ring.

As part of this year’s Rio in Dalston summer series, they’re marking the occasion of the men’s light heavyweight final at this year’s Rio Olympics with a celebration of self-expression, Muhammad Ali’s life, and the things he stood for.

Join in on 18 August at The Vortex for a charitable evening of sport screenings, DJs, film, photography, talks, poetry and special guests with some of those he inspired, including his friend and photographer Christina Jansen, and the English Boxing Champion Ohara Davies.

Dalston’s unofficial edition of the Olympics ends with the Greatest! For more information visit


The Greatest - Rio in Dalston

The Greatest – Rio in Dalston



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