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SnapHappen and Pop!

SnapHappen and Pop!

Did you miss ‘Snaphappen‘ – the first Snapchat™ conference run by the community for the community? Don’t worry – we were there. Here’s what happened when the biggest (sizist by  audience, not mass) snapchatters in the world all met in one place.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the organiser and founder of Snaphappen, Craig Fox, had enticed a world wide (Toronto/USA/France/Denmark/London) audience to actually turn up in real time – not on some crummy webcast – but really be there along with the actual analogue versions of the worlds greatest Snapchat™ gurus! Even the corporates – Jaguar Land Rover and GCN cycling – were getting in on the act.

So, if you want to be better at social media, what did the likes of Geeohsnap, Shonduras, and Tristantales have to say for themselves? Here’s the key points:

  • Pick a good/memorable name for your brand
  • ENGAGEMENT is key – interact with your audience and make them the stars of the show
  • Inform/entertain/bring value to your audience’s lives
  • Make your brand more exciting – with free stuff/giveaways/competitions etc.
  • Use other platforms to establish your brand
  • Posting your ghostcode everywhere doesn’t work

Heck, the London At Large team even got exclusive interviews with the best in the bizz. Check out  sustainably sourced unicorn dust from Julius Dein and Rhodes411 here.

And for corporates hoping to contract a snapchat-influencer for some advertising, these simple rules will help to keep you on good terms:

  • Trust that they know how best to engage with their audience and back off
  • Let them be creative with the brief – shoving a product into each story will bore their audience in the long-term – and we’ll take the piss
  • Ask them to demonstrate follower ENGAGEMENT (i.e. screenshots, replays, comment backs etc.) as this helps to build a long term relationship with potential customers
  • User ENGAGEMENT Analysis
  • ROI is not King (initially) – so pay ’em loads
  • Think strategically, think long term

So world, keep your eyes peeled for the next event – we’ve heard Snaphappen are coming to NY and San Fran next! (Maybe if I ask nicely The Boss will let me expense the flights!)

And possibly the most exciting news of all: from now on, you can join us at all of our exclusive events for live coverage through our Snapchat story: ldnatlarge

Final shout out goes to snapchatter Billy Mann for being super-friendly and delightful despite my lack of early morning coffee.

Merch of the day:

Wraps. They’re headphones that can be worn around the wrist to save you from the dreaded headphone twist. And they’re cool. No – really. Please send us some more free pairs. NOW.


Pretty please.

Pretty, pretty, please.

Oh, fine don’t then. Haven’t you heard of the power of the press?

Yes – two views actually.




Sophie Parkinson: twitter @sophie_t_p

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