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Stirling Performance!

Stirling Performance!

Someone was having fun!

OK – explain to me why you can have a performance as fun and quirky as Rachael Stirling in ‘An Intervention‘ by Mike Bartlett and only open the theatre stalls! There’s another two floors people – and this show – like his King Charles III at the Almeida – is worth seeing!

Weird that at a time when venues such as Bernie Grant Arts Centre are trying to grow their audience with innovative ethno-relevant shows like ‘Snakes and Ladders‘, a theatre with a really good show and an accessible, comfortable¬†potential audience can only manage to (almost) fill the stalls. Come on audience – what are you doing? You can’t be watching telly – there’s nothing ever on (unless you count endless re-showings of the Bourne Ultimatum). And frankly, facebook is soooo yesterday. You’ve got a local theatre to support!

Enough of the rant. Stirling plays the rather funny, attractive, but too ‘off the rails’ friend we all have that we’d like to spend more time with but can’t justify the emotional expense to do so. (I say we’ve all got one – but if all you do is watch telly and fiddle around on facebook you probably don’t really have anything more than a few ‘likes’ to show for friendship anyway.) She is completely engaging. In her company we can vicariously justify why we don’t bother to see our more difficult, harder work, friends.

We laugh at her – there’s lots to laugh about – but at the end of the show we can go home, safe in the knowledge that we have done our duty by our friend – and won’t have to answer her call for a bit.


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