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Tappin the Last Nail into the Coffin of Fairplay

What’s with our politician’s perception of fair play? Why is it easier for America to grab one of our citizens, than it is for us to grab one of theirs? Why is one big society more equal than anothers? Get a grip guys! It’s just not British. You ain’t looking after us.

Goodness knows the rights or wrongs of Mr Tappin’s case – who knows whether he was selling naughty stuff to the Iranians. That’s up to the Courts, not us. Our Courts!

The law is unbalanced. Attorney General Dominic Grieve admits the US-UK extradition terms weren’t “in the condition in which ideally I would wish them to be.” He even confirms that they caused him ‘disquiet’. In fact he wittered on pathetically for quite a while. Oh bless!

How do you think Mrs Tappin feels? Or Mrs McKinnon? And why is it alright to extradite to a country which builds prisons to hold people without charge, but not to Jordan which has confirmed it will play by the rules?

It’s an image thing – its a backbone thing. Its that old feeling of what’s right and wrong. Weasel words don’t cut the mustard. Get off your comfortable backside and side with the British people. You’re leaving a bad taste.

Call me old fashioned, but lets go so far as to try our own people in our own country.

If a Government isn’t seen to be playing fair with its own citizens, what hope can there be for it.

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