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Tracey Neuls & Black Cow Vodka

Tracey Neuls & Black Cow Vodka

What do vodka and cheese have in common?

My answer: I’ll have way too much of both at Christmas?

Correct answer: They both come from a cow!

Holy smokes, who knew? The guys down at Black Cow Vodka and Tracey Neuls obvo. Yes, as you may have gathered, the cheese, vodka (tonic) and shoe party in Marylebone was definitely one for the ‘gram. There was indeed a chalkboard for guests to embellish, but by the lack of markings it was clear that everyone knew the cheese paired better with the alcohol.

Tracey’s shoes have always teetered between sophisticated and edgy. And she certainly proved that by letting a mad scientist in a Lovat Green Balmoral teach a shop-full of the most curious how make vodka from milk. Ok, more of a genius scientist than a mad scientist but you get the picture.

Vodka and cheese combo level - Expert

Vodka and cheese combo level – Expert

I still can’t work out whether it was the best cheddar I’ve ever had, or whether I’d had one too many vodka tonics. Either way, I’ll certainly be buying myself a whole wheel of Black Cow cheese this Christmas. Might even splash out on a pair of quirky shoes as well – given that I’ve applied the Casper Technique for a week and finally have some disposable income!

What’s that Baxter? You want one too? I’m sorry, I don’t speak Spanish.

Song of the night: Echo Beach – Martha and the Muffins


Sophie Parkinson: twitter @sophie_t_p


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