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Tweed Run, Chaps!

Tweed Run, Chaps!

OK, here’s one for our lovely American visitors. It’s a typical day out for us Brits.

This weekend (18 April) garbed in our finest tweeds (be they Donegal or Harris), we mount our penny farthings (which is of course where the 007 term ‘Miss Moneypenny’ comes from) and cycle around London to the home of our monarch, Buckingham Palace. Here we sup tea and partake of a few scones and Hugh Grant usually says a few welcoming words.

This year’s starting point will be at Trafalgar Square, and cyclists will then embark on a 12 mile scenic ride through London, stopping at traditional spots with plenty of opportunities for engaging in a spot of wet plate collodion. Remember – those glass plates are heavy!

The first break is at Red Lion Square for a spot of tea at around 12:30pm and a picnic in St Pancras Gardens will take place from 2pm.

Then we whizz off around the corner to Downton Abbey because it’s just there and we have loads of Pimms.

Talking of which, we had our first Pimms of the year just the other evening. Rather too many actually. Gets earlier every year. Marvelous.

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