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Where’s Wally?

Where’s Wally?

By Hannah Phillips

We could start by joking that The View from The Shard is the perfect platform for spotting wallies wandering around the city on any given day of the week. But this month, it really is the case as Where’s Wally and his fellow red-and-white-striped friends take over for some Easter festivities.

From 19th March until 10th April, Wally, Wenda, Woof and co. will be at the centre of probably the highest alternative Easter egg hunt going, as they get lost among the crowds at some of London’s biggest tourist attractions (we’ve all been there) and along the Thames. Reproduced in large-scale formats, it is up to visitors to The View from The Shard to find them.

Perhaps someone should suggest they get one of those tour guides with the big umbrellas, but, hey, why spoil the party?

Anyway, the real appeal here – if you want to play it cool over reliving your childhood with the nation’s favourite wallflower – is that you can pretend you’re not as excited as the kids by taking in the spectacular view over London at the same time. That, or you could go all out and dress the part, too – striped tops, black-rimmed glasses are both welcome, apparently!


Hannah Phillips: twitter @hanrph

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