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Yes – It’s My Penis!

Yes – It’s My Penis!

So, for reasons I needn’t explain, I’ve seen Rafe Spall’s penis.

Twice. Two nights in a row.

Did that sound weird?

OK, I’ll explain. Once at The Hospital Club and then the following evening  on the Southbank. Followed by a beer and a cigarette.

So – not weird at all, then.

You can see it too if you see ‘I Give It a Year’ with Rafe, Anna Faris, Rose Byrne, Simon Baker, Jason Flemyng, Minnie Driver,Rafe Spall, Stephen Merchant and Olivia Colman. Its got a truly unlikely story – two incompatible people get married and separate again in twelve months (oops – spoiler alert!) – but it yields the opportunity to string together a series of genuinely funny sketches which if anything are funnier the second time around.

None of the relationships make sense so leave your disbelief at home – it needs more than suspending for this show. But if you do, you’re in for a few jolly good laughs from a team of excellent actors, written and directed by the fellow who writes for that Borat chappy. You know – we can make entertaining movies in this country. And this is one of them. Thanks to The London Comedy Film Festival for arranging the screening and Q&A and supporting British-based comedy film-makers.




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